In general

Dossche Mills supplies many different products for artisan as well as industrial bakeries, pastry industry and food industry.

High delivery reliability

Dossche Mills has four strategically located production plants which allows us to insure constant and guaranteed customer deliveries. Assurance of supply is guaranteed by our two large production plants in Merksem and Rotterdam. Flour processing, such as heat treatments, is done in our dedicated site in Deinze whereas our mill in Bossuit focuses on producing flour and flour varieties with a French character.

Market segments

Dossche Mills supplies many different industry segments:

  • Artisan bakeries, for making fresh bread products, for example, bread, viennoiserie, etc.
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  • Industrial bakeries, for making fresh bread products, for example, bake-off, viennoiserie, etc.
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  • Pastry industry, for making biscuits, gingerbread, piecework, cake products, etc.
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  • Food industry, for the preparation of sauces and snacks.

      Research & Development Center

      In our Research & Development Center in Deinze,  any real-life situation can be simulated for any type of flour used in the food industry. The same R&D Center serves as product development and problem solving unit for this customer segment. In Rotterdam, our R&D department focuses, among other things, on developments in the field of pastry and biscuits.