FLINN: ‘Flour Innovations’

FLINN, tailor-made innovative solution

FLINN is short for 'Flour Innovations' and this is exactly what Dossche Mills does, offering innovative solutions at the request of the customer. As a specialist in flours, Dossche Mills partners with food companies to optimize their products in terms of taste, texture, shelf life and profitability.

About Dossche Mills

The FLINN range consists of four different categories according to end application

Flinn Bake

The perfect result for a cake, sponge cake, Swiss roll, muffin, brownie, etc. starts with the selection of the right flour. Our varieties in this range exhibit low protein content due to processes like air classification and/or heat treatment. They optimise the volume, firmness, tenderness, carrying capacity and fineness of the cake product.


  • Low protein content avoids the formation of lumps during the batter phase, resulting in a light, stable and tolerant batter during the baking process

  •  The heat treatment also favours the physicochemical properties of the proteins, giving them a more emulsifying effect. This also contributes to the stability and fine structure of the batter and the final product

  • Improved gas holding capacity, resulting in increased volume

  • Fast water absorption due to fine particle size distribution, resulting in a tender and juicy crumb

  • Fast gelatinisation of the starch, resulting in a firm, resilient crumb with increased carrying capacity for the use of fruit fillings, among other things

  • Better composition of network: ensures a fine, even structure

  • Clean Label

Flinn Texture

During the production of prepared meals such as sauces, soups and lasagnes, thickeners are essential. A mix based on heat-treated wheat flour can be used to achieve the desired final viscosity and the correct mouthfeel. The Flinn Texture range includes both pure flours and mixes.


  • Increased hot and cold thickening compared to untreated wheat flour.

  • Consistent hot and cold thickening

  • Competitive price compared to other thickeners (hydrocolloids, modified starches, etc.).

  • More favourable microbiological values compared to native wheat flour.

  • Clean Label is possible.

Flinn Carrier

In the food and feed industries, carriers are frequently used to dilute concentrated components and protect sensitive, valuable commodities. During the production of Flinn Carriers, strict standards are imposed on particle size distribution. Thanks to the heat treatment, lower microbiological standards and the desired moisture content are achieved. 


  • Improved flow properties due to the right flour particle size and distribution (granulometry)

  • Reduced microbiological contamination

  • Customized moisture content

  • Clean label

Flinn Coating

Thanks to a heat treatment, the wheat flour acquires a number of functional properties that make it highly suitable as a coating. Predust, batters and tempuras are essential components during the production of coated food products such as meat, fish, cheese, potatoes, vegetables and plant-based products. They provide optimal adhesion and improve the crispiness of the crust.


  • Cold thickening geared to the customer's needs

  • Improved stability of the batter due to deactivation of the enzymes

  • Higher yield after final cooking in oil or oven

  • Increased pick-up tailored to the customer's need

  • Strong reduction in microbial flora resulting in a longer shelf life

  • Stronger adhesion of the coating to the substrate, even after baking

  • Clean label on request

  • Retained crispiness over time

Within our range of Flinn Coating we distinguish the following products


A predust is usually a coarse flour, sometimes combined with other ingredients. It is used dry as a functional aid in the coating of water-rich and fat-rich substrates. The use of a predust improves the adhesion and enhances the final yield.
Application: Fish products, shrimps, vegetables, cheese croquettes, vegan burgers


These flours and mixes ensure the adhesion between the substrate and the breadcrumbs. The batter functions as the 'glue' that ensures good adhesion even after production, freezing and preparation. We offer both pure heat-treated wheat flour (Clean Label) and tailor-made mixes as batter.
Application: Breaded meat and fish products, cheese and shrimp croquettes, fish fillets, vegan burgers


Ready-to-use functional mixes specially developed for tempura or Clear Coat applications.
Application: Nuggets, calamari and vegetables, like onion rings
Crumbs . Flinn Crumbs are developed for oven-baked and air-fried goods. High-end alternative for classic bread crumbs with extra crispiness.
Application: Oven-baked snacks such as breaded meat, fish, potato and plant-blased products


Meet the newest member of the Dossche Mills coating portfolio: FLINN Crumbs offers a complete and customised coating solution for meat, fish, potato and vegetable food products.

Experience here 'The next level of crispiness'