Advice and inspiration

Advice, workshops and inspiration at Dossche Mills

As a customer of Dossche Mills, you can count on a complete service tailored to your products and services. From guidance with your business start-up to sales support through campaigns and promotions: we help you to forge a distinctive image in your market.

Advice and inspiration

Dossche Mills operates several training bakeries, where our technical advisors and engineers will provide you with professional guidance, both for new products and processes, and for improving your current products. The ultimate aim is to offer excellent quality to your end consumer.

Our employees do everything they can to not only assist customers with technical baking advice, but also to help them with inspiring workshops and tips so that they can find a unique way to differentiate themselves. Modern techniques and new or adapted products can reduce the workload and number of working hours for bakers. New customers who are starting up a bakery that is not yet operational, are also welcome at Dossche Mills to get acquainted with a working pilot bakery. Dossche Mills offers you a comprehensive package of support options. You decide for yourself how we can best guide you.

Our technical baking advisors help the artisan baker

Artisan bakers can call upon Dossche Mills' technical baking advisors who are happy to use their expertise and experience to solve technical problems. This may have to do with oven settings, programming, kneading, product quality, etc. Our technical baking advisors assist bakers to process flour into finished products in the best possible way.

Our technical baking advisors can solve an artisan baker's problem quickly and easily over the telephone. But if necessary, the advisor will be happy to visit the customer on site to bake with them.

Dossche Mills Academy

New trends and flavours are also rapidly emerging in your sector. Discover our interactive courses and workshops on various themes.

Artisan bakers looking to stand out from the crowd will want to keep up with current trends as well. They can do this at the Dossche Mills Academy, where free masterclasses and demonstrations are offered at the pilot bakeries on specific topics or products. New products are regularly developed at the pilot bakery, and then presented through the Academy in order to highlight all their advantages and possibilities. Masterclasses are given at all our branches in order to make them easily accessible to all customers.

Along with technical baking training, Dossche Mills also provides a whole range of sales support training courses, such as workshops on presentation techniques, price setting, profitability, etc.

We at Dossche Mills believe in sharing expertise, inspiring and informing our customers. Come and learn from our experts and discover the latest trends and developments. Be inspired by engaging presentations, interactive workshops and practical case studies.

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