Sustainable innovation at Dossche Mills

Innovation at Dossche Mills: strong belief in the versatility and sustainability of grain

Entrepreneurship is innovation. Dossche Mills' R&D department invests every year a lot of resources in innovative projects . In this way, we make scientific research tangible and help drive the transition to a sustainable society. In addition, We are also prepared to invest together with partners in regenerative agricultural practices that help ensure the future of grain cultivation. Because at Dossche Mills, we truly believe in the versatility of grain!

About Dossche Mills

Why R&D?

The needs of the market are continuously changing. This means that both the demand for more sustainable and healthy products, but also scientific developments, are developing at a rapid pace. Consider, among other things, artificial intelligence, circularity, personalised nutrition, the protein transition...

Dossche Mills wants to manifest itself as an innovative and knowledge-oriented company in order to be able to even better serve its customers' needs as well as support them in optimising their processes. It wants to anchor the available knowledge in the organisation and develop an innovation culture that focuses on new products and services that meet the needs of the market with an emphasis on healthy and sustainable food, both within the baking and food industries.

Our R&D department aims to improve, preserve and innovate production processes. Here, the selection of the best raw materials is crucial. Customers don't just need a product, they also need technical support, and R&D plays an essential role in this.

In short, this fits completely into the philosophy and vision of Dossche Mills: "Getting the best out of grain"!


The three main pillars on which the R&D team focuses:

  • NPD ( New Product Development) : supporting customers and other departments + development projects

  • Innovation: ground-breaking, strategic research with intrinsically high risk

  • Agronomy: sustainable chain management - cereal cultivation of the future

Sustainable flour from resilient agriculture

By continuously adjusting and developing the process of sustainable flour, Dossche Mills wants to contribute to the fight against climate change. By growing sustainable wheat, the crop becomes more resilient, it is better buffered against extreme weather conditions and fewer greenhouse gases are produced.

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Infographic 3layers Flinn

FLINN - Flour Innovations

FLINN perfectly symbolises what Dossche Mills does in terms of innovative solutions that meet customer demand. As a specialist in cereals, Dossche Mills enters into partnerships with food companies to optimise their products in terms of taste, texture, shelf life and profitability.

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Nieuwe lanceringen en klantenondersteuning

Because ingredients are known to the core at Dossche Mills, the R&D team can launch innovative wheat-based ingredients and support customers in their innovation projects.

New launches

  • Flinn Crumbs: a high-quality alternative to classic breadcrumbs for oven-baked and airfryer products

  • Flour Pearl White: the best flour for the perfect filo pastry

  • Sustainable flour: launching the first-ever flour from sustainably grown wheat

From time-honoured Oriental deliciousness to one of today's taste buds.

Flour Pearl White is the name. A brand name in which the soul of white flour is intertwined with the intended end result: a splendour of a baklava. It is the extra white flour of choice for producing the highest quality filo dough.

Pearl white
General market situation: unprecedented price increases

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