Working at Dossche Mills

Working at Dossche Mills: this is where your ideas grow

We are Dossche Mills, an ambitious family business with our heart in the right place. Born out of a passion for grain, we serve customers of all sizes with our diverse range of flours and we also develop many new plant-based applications. Do you like converting ideas into results? Then you've got it made here. Because at Dossche Mills you're encouraged to take initiatives and given the space to make a difference. This way you get more satisfaction from your work at a company that's 100% committed to sustainable growth.


How do we work?

Dossche Mills is a company with big growth ambitions and enormous potential. People work here in a pleasant environment, have the chance to learn and are actively involved in decisions.

  • There is variety in every job.

  • People are given opportunities and are encouraged to take initiative.

  • Teamwork helps everyone find solutions together.

  • We share knowledge with each other.

  • We attach importance to a pleasant working experience.

The values of Dossche Mills

Together we get the best out of grain

Dossche Mills is a warm company of skilled and passionate employees. Every day they work according to the four values on which our family business is built and this enables them to contribute to your success.

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Dossche Mills: a family business with tradition and ambition

Dossche Mills is a family business with a long history and a strong vision for the future. This family character and generations of entrepreneurial spirit make Dossche Mills an attractive employer for people who are looking for a stable and sustainable workplace with many opportunities for personal development and growth. At Dossche Mills you feel like a member of the family. You get the opportunity to develop your skills and use your talents. You're encouraged to take initiative and make a difference.

Life-long learning

Dossche Mills invests in training. Every new employee receives an introductory programme when they start and is introduced to everyone during a tour. Newcomers will also have the opportunity to visit the factory, attend a baking day where they can taste products and discover what the craft of an artisan baker entails. Moreover, new employees are allowed to spend a day on the road with a driver or someone from the Sales department. Depending on the position, there are leadership training courses, such as "Speaking enthusiastically before a group".

CEO Kristof Dossche is convinced that "life-long learning" is positive for everyone's personal development. He believes it is important that employees receive training on a regular basis. We never economise in that area, because investing in human capital always pays off!

Sustainable and ambitious

As a pioneer in sustainable entrepreneurship, we at Dossche Mills make clear choices for the long term. In this way we assume our responsibility for future generations with a clear choice for sustainability. Would you like to help shape the future of grain as part of an ambitious family business? Then Dossche Mills is the ideal recipe for your career.

Every employee is an entrepreneur in his or her own domain

At Dossche Mills we are all entrepreneurs in our own domain and you get every opportunity to grow your potential. Everyone can contribute ideas to make work better, more efficient and more enjoyable. Are you someone who can convert ideas into results? Then come and reap what you sow and get more satisfaction from your work!

We make it fun

We organise fun events that contribute to social contact and interaction between our employees, such as back to school/back to work events, after-work parties, etc. Or we bring in a food truck... All this promotes cohesion between our staff and the various departments.

A nice touch: CEO Kristof Dossche welcomes new employees to a joint breakfast session and then talks about who Dossche Mills is and what we stand for.

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Dossche Mills is an ambitious company with more than 350 permanent employees. From our branches in Deinze, Merksem, Bossuit and Rotterdam we supply artisanal and industrial bakeries with the necessary raw materials. We are currently looking for new employees. We are also regularly looking for results-oriented employees to reinforce our team. Discover everything on the jobs page.

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