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Dossche Mills, connected to employees, partners and broader society

Dossche Mills strives for a strong connection with its employees, but also with partners and broader society. Dossche Mills wants to have a positive impact in the world.

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How do we work?

Dossche Mills is a company with big growth ambitions and enormous potential. People work here in a pleasant environment, have the chance to learn and are actively involved in decisions.

  • There is variety in every job.

  • People are given opportunities and are encouraged to take initiative.

  • Teamwork helps everyone find solutions together.

  • We share knowledge with each other.

  • We attach importance to a pleasant working experience.

Dossche Mills is one big family. We want all our employees to feel good about working with us. Creating a safe and healthy working environment is therefore our first priority (e.g. dust-free production areas, daylight in the offices, a clear safety plan, etc.).

Offering work on a human scale in a horizontal business structure is a second area of focus. We strive to keep work and private life in balance by applying flexible working hours.

Employees are given every opportunity to grow in their job. We offer a wide range of training and personally guide new employees through sponsorship so that they quickly feel at home. We also stimulate that family and group spirit by bringing our people together – during lunch or after work for an after-work activity or a staff party.

Conneted to society

Connected to society

Sustainability is not limited to the working environment. We want to have a positive impact on the community. For example, we take action to limit noise and dust pollution from freight traffic. To this end, we encourage the active involvement of our employees and also raise awareness among our suppliers. We also maintain a constructive dialogue with residents around our sites and look at areas where additional improvements can be made.

Our social responsibility extends beyond our own neighbourhood. We also invest in and actively participate in projects that promote a healthy lifestyle for all consumers. And we sponsor charities that take everyone's health to heart.

In this way, we're connected to society at various levels and we contribute to a warm and liveable community.

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