Dossche Mills Academy

Dossche Mills Academy

New trends and tastes also follow quickly in our trade. Artisan bakers who want to stand out also want to keep up with current trends. For this, you can visit our Dossche Mills Academy, where throughout the year we organize various Academies, Masterclasses, workshops and demonstrations on specific themes and products.

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Living well, baking better

Modern techniques and new or adapted products can reduce the workload and number of working hours for bakers. New products are regularly developed at the pilot bakery, and then presented through the Academy in order to highlight all their advantages and possibilities. Existing products are also given their due. Thanks to the creativity of our technical baking advisors, new ways of working with our existing products are constantly emerging.

From time to time, we also organise master classes. These are held at various locations in Belgium and the Netherlands so that they are accessible to all our customers. New customers who are starting up a bakery that is not yet operational, are also welcome at Dossche Mills to get acquainted with a working pilot bakery. They can learn about aspects such as how to find the best possible work-life balance with the latest baking techniques.

So much more than technical support

In addition to the rather technical training courses, Dossche Mills Academy also provides sales support training. For example, there are workshops that focus on analysing your range to properly distinguish the 'highs' and 'lows' and effective weekly baking planning.

Calculating the right prices is also something we are happy to help with. Activating your social media, setting up your shop, presenting your products and how to attract attention on a counter are also well covered.

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