Quality and safety

Our steadfast commitment to safety and quality

As one of the largest European mills, we set the bar very high in terms of quality and food safety. Our thorough quality-control policy guarantees a grain product that's high-quality, tasty and safe – all year round.

About Dossche Mills

Consistent quality and safety of all products is Dossche Mills' utmost concern. The essential pillars of our craftsmanship are targeted global grain purchasing based on grain and application knowledge, market knowledge and sophisticated milling and processing techniques. Dossche Mills only works with suppliers who can provide the required quality certifications.

Dossche Mills also has modern facilities to support and further expand its craftsmanship and quality image. Various grain and flour laboratories, as well as pilot bakeries guarantee intensive quality checks during all phases of the production process.

Dossche Mills' quality-control system meets the strictest national and international standards and also responds optimally to customer expectations regarding sustainability and health.

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Prevention measures and verification

All raw materials meet the highest requirements and are subject to thorough testing upon arrival. Our production lines are equipped with optical sorters, sieves, magnets and metal detectors to reduce to a minimum potential health risks and foreign objects. Simultaneously, our finished products are subject to systematic verification in order to meet our strict quality and safety criteria. For this purpose, we have our own labs collaborating closely with external labs.

Our lorries finally, are equipped with safety sieves to guarantee a product clear of foreign objects or impurities.

Quality and sustainability

Dossche Mills ensures that an external, independent party (such as a BRC auditor at the Dossche Mills company sites) ensures that the customer receives all guarantees. This also includes the guarantee of sustainable flour with reduced CO2 emissions.

This means that the amount of sustainable flour sold cannot exceed the amount of raw materials (wheat) with a reduced CO2 footprint that has actually been processed. Currently, flour with a CO2 reduction of 25% is already available. Dossche Mills will increase this year after year.


Highly topical in the area of product specifications are allergens and cross-contamination with allergens. Once the specifications are known, the quality team ensures that the checks in the mill and the factories are carried out according to best practices. All major production sites (Deinze, Rotterdam and Merksem) have a separate laboratory and a quality-control or pilot bakery where various accurate tests are carried out. Another aspect is the semi-finished and finished products that are tested based on risk analysis.

We do everything we can to protect and inform the end consumer as much as possible. We adjust the production sequence, rinse the installations after the production of allergen-containing products and provide training on labelling for baker customers. In short, we constantly ensure that our products ultimately produce an equally high-quality end product at the bakeries.

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