Logistics at Dossche Mills

Logistics at Dossche Mills

Dossche Mills works for the for transport and logistics in the Belgian, and in part of the French market with its own transport company: Wildorp SA. In the Netherlands all transport is outsourced to external partners, both bagged and bulk goods. Its location near major waterways and ports is an added advantage, as it allows most of the wheat deliveries to be made by ship.

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Wildorp NV

Excellent delivery service

In order to offer an excellent delivery service to our customers, we have chosen to use our own transport company for the logistics part, in Belgium: Wildorp NV. The basic concept behind this strategy is to carry out 50% of the deliveries to artisan bakers in Belgium and part of France with our own transport company, both in bulk and bagged goods. These customers greatly appreciate this personal service, and it also strengthens the good relationship with the driver and Dossche Mills. In the Netherlands all transport, both bagged and bulk goods, is outsourced to external providers.

Flour deliveries are "fast moving consumer goods". This means that there sometimes can be huge fluctuations during the week and customers may place unexpected orders and demand fast delivery. Because we s always want to respond quickly and guarantee optimal service to our customers, external providers are sometimes called in who can deliver very quickly.

By ship

Overseas logistics are handled by the Export department team, with deals being made with shipping companies.

The location near the Albert Canal and the large port of Antwerp is an additional asset, because most of the wheat supply can therefore be done by ship. We are proud of our super high-performance bulk loading. Bulk trucks are loaded in about 15 minutes, which in traditional companies sometimes takes more than an hour.

This efficiency is also reflected in the fact that trucks are loaded on a weighbridge, where everything is recorded on video. The video replay system provides the customer with evidence at all times of which flour is being loaded from which silo at what time and confirms the registration of the exact weight.

Unloading wheat by ship