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Together we get the best out of grain

Dossche Mills is one of the largest mills in Europe and one of the most important producers of high-quality raw materials for bakeries. For 150 years, our family business has guaranteed the best wheat products and personal, tailor-made service.

About Dossche Mills

Dossche Mills

The Dossche family has a passion for grain. Dossche Mills is a strong growth company with the ambition to become the European market leader. The company focuses on healthy products for healthy people on a healthy planet. The slogan "Together we get the best out of grain" symbolises that vision.

Since the founding of the family business in 1875, the deep-rooted tradition of pure craftsmanship and an unbridled passion for the baking sector has been passed on from generation to generation. All products are made from the finest grains and other high-quality natural raw materials. We supply our products to artisan bakeries, but also to industrial bakeries, the pastry industry and the food industry.

Dossche Mills is a family business that has been around for 150 years. The company is ambitious and committed to sustainable growth. Dossche Mills is a warm company of skilled and passionate employees. But what is it that really makes Dossche Mills special?


Dossche Mills aims to support its customers in sustainable growth by being the best supplier of flour and meal with consistent quality and providing personalised service.


Dossche Mills believes in the versatility and sustainability of grain as a basic ingredient.
That’s why, together, we get the best out of grain.

About Dossche Mills

Our guarantee of high quality

With five production locations in the Benelux and a range of 1200 products that are sold in 50 countries, Dossche Mills is a true leader. The Dossche Mills flour mills grind approximately one million tons of wheat every year.

We make immense efforts to guarantee quality in all aspects. We achieve this thanks to craftsmanship, modern production facilities and our thorough quality-control system.

To guarantee our customers flour of consistent quality plus a delivery guarantee, we only work with suppliers who can provide the required quality certifications.

Investing in craftsmanship

Dossche Mills has state-of-the-art facilities to further develop its craftsmanship – grain and flour laboratories and pilot bakeries where the quality of the raw materials is subjected to baking tests.

Whether it is wheat or other crops, Dossche Mills strongly believes in the versatility of the grain. The R&D department invests an average of two million euros per year in innovative projects.

About Dossche Mills craftsmanship
Customers are central

Customers are central

It is extremely important that artisan bakers receive help in processing and baking our products. Our experts are happy to assist them. We also provide advice on responding to the seasons, in terms of shopping experience, pricing and dealing with trends. In addition, we invite artisan bakers to workshops in the Academy.

At industrial bakeries and food companies, the emphasis is on providing support for the successful exploitation of the raw materials in their production lines. We are also happy to support them with our sustainability vision. We want to inspire, inform and collaborate with them.

Flagship of the Dossche Group

Dossche Mills is the flagship of the Dossche Group, which is internationally active in the food industry. More than 700 employees in the various business units are committed to ensuring consistent quality and personal service with a focus on long-term relationships.

The Dossche Group not only mills grain, but produces viennoiserie through Gourmand Pastries and makes tortilla wraps at the Dutch subsidiary Mexma.

Dossche Group

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