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Traceability: transparency of the chain

"From field to baker": this slogan is often bandied about. But what does this mean for you in practice? And how do we guarantee the consistent quality of each bag of flour?

About Dossche Mills

A lot or batch number is indicated on the flour bags from Dossche Mills. Based on this number, it can be determined from which wheat the flour was made and which wheat deliveries are linked to it.

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From the field

Every farmer has a cultivation sheet for every field. This sheet contains information about the harvest date, fertilisation, any crop protection products used and even information about the crops that were previously grown on the plot.

Through the grain trader

As soon as the farmer delivers the wheat to the grain trader, it is stored in a silo. The silos can hold an average of 10,000 to 12,000 tonnes of wheat. Every inflow and outflow into a silo is automatically recorded, making it possible to trace grain back to the farmers involved. Every grain trader is in turn certified to guarantee high-quality processing.

At the mill

Upon arrival at the mills of Dossche Mills, the load of wheat is given a unique reference number. There is also a mandatory notification for possible use of insecticides during the cultivation and storage of the grain.

To guarantee the consistent quality of our flour, a sample from each delivery is analysed in the grain laboratory. Based on the results, the grain is classified and stored in the silos of Dossche Mills. Thanks to continuous monitoring of the wheat, we are able to guarantee a stable quality for every grind.

At the customer's site

Once the flour mixture is ready, each bag is labelled with a unique lot code or batch number. This is a guarantee for the traceability and quality of the flour for every customer right up to the point when it enters the company premises.

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