Flour Pearl White Baklava

The best flour a fine filo pastry can get

Flour Pearl White is the perfect extra-white flour for producing filo dough of the highest quality. Ideal for baking a nice crispy, fine pastry such as baklava, with flawless layering and a light golden colour.

Flour Pearl White Baklava

The specific characteristics of Flour Pearl White

  • Extremely low ash content - T45 (FR), Type 405 (D)

  • Resulting in a more pronounced white colour

  • Virtually free of black spots or fine bran particles

  • Finer than standard flour

  • Intrinsically high protein content without the addition of gluten

  • Pure flour without any additives

Pearl White flour guarantees the perfect filo pastry

A finer flour means filo dough that feels softer to the touch. The lack of bran specks results in a dough that is thinner as well as firmer. Production is much faster, too, with significantly less (or no) tearing.

The thinner dough also guarantees improved and crispier layering of the baklava. Thanks to the relatively high protein content of Flour Pearl White, there is no need to add gluten. This is how we naturally achieve better-looking layers of dough.

And, last but not least: the amount of egg can be reduced by 25% with artisan production.

T55 vs Flour Pearl White