Dossche Mills focuses on quality

Quality and sustainability, our top priorities

A freshly baked roll, a crispy croissant or a delicious cake. Bakery products are an indispensable part of our daily lives. But how are these products actually made?Dossche Mills is a Belgian producer of raw materials for bakeries that has, for years, been committed to the highest quality and now also to ensuring that all its products are both climate-friendly and safe. This makes us a future-proof partner for all suppliers, customers and end users.

Sustainable growth

Dossche Mills works exclusively with the best wheat and other high-quality raw materials. We aim to supply bakery products of impeccable quality that meet the strictest standards. Hence our thorough quality-control policy. Incoming products are exactingly tested for possible impurities and foreign materials.


Quality is our main concern

Our quality-control system therefore complies with the national and international standards (including BRC) and optimally responds to customer expectations regarding sustainability and health. In addition, we have several grain and flour laboratories, as well as pilot bakeries that allow intensive quality checks during all phases of the production process.

We make immense efforts to guarantee quality in all aspects, towards customers, suppliers and employees. Our slogan "Together we get the best out of grain" also applies here. We achieve this thanks to craftsmanship, modern production facilities and a thorough quality-control system. This expertise is completely at the disposal of the customer.

Quality managers and their teams are responsible for a combination of quality assurance through various measures and processes to measure and guarantee the quality of products. The checks carried out at mills and production sites are done according to the rules of the art.

Audits and checks throughout the chain

Dossche Mills has committed to obtaining several certificates, each time coupled with an external audit. The result of a recent unannounced audit in 2023 was also extremely positive. Therefore, in 2023, Dossche Mills took a new strategic decision to go the extra mile...

A new audit cycle will start from 2027, with Dossche Mills opting for unannounced audits by external BRC auditors. In concrete terms, this means that an auditor can be in production within half an hour to carry out checks. The optimal results from previous audits strengthen Dossche Mills' belief that they can boost customer confidence.

Want to know more about our audits and certificates? Read all about it on our quality assurance page.

Safety: only the best is good enough.

We offer you a high-quality and tasty product that is absolutely safe. After all, all raw materials meet the strictest requirements and are extensively tested upon receipt. Our production lines are equipped with for example optical sorters, sieves, magnets and metal detectors to minimise foreign objects and potential health risks. In addition, our outgoing products are also subject to systematic checks to ensure that they always meet our extensive quality and safety criteria. To achieve this, our own laboratories work closely with specialised external laboratories.

Traceability: transparency of the chain

In consultation with our suppliers, we ensure the necessary traceability from field to baker. Traceability is an important aspect in continuously monitoring wheat deliveries and ensuring a stable constant quality of each milling. At the same time, this allows us to influence the taste of our products through authentic wheat varieties and/or specific origins.

Collaboration with suppliers, the key to success

Dossche Mills maintains close relationships with its suppliers. We want to work with local partners who share our vision of a sustainable future. We prefer suppliers who proactively search with us for potential innovations and more efficient collaborations.

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