Trends and inspiration

Dossche Mills keeps you informed of the latest trends

At Dossche Mills we like to help our customers differentiate themselves in the marketplace. This is why we keep our finger on the pulse of trends, novelties and innovations.

Advice and inspiration
Trends and inspiration artisan bakeries

Advice and inspiration for artisan bakers

For Dossche Mills, it is extremely important that artisan bakers can be supported in differentiating themselves in terms of quality and receive help to respond to the seasons, create an optimal shopping experience, determine pricing, etc. If necessary, our technical baking advisors are happy to visit them on site to solve any problems together and they also invite artisan bakers to attend workshops at the Academy.

Advice and inspiration for industrial food companies

For industrial bakeries, the focus is on sustainability. We tailor our support accordingly. Dossche Mills immerses them in its sustainability vision and strategy, aiming to both inspire and inform. These customers can also count on extensive support. If necessary, Dossche Mills sends an R&D engineer to have a look at the production line if problems arise.

Product Management

The Product Management department keeps a critical eye on all product ranges. It determines the right products for the company and what they require, considers the customer's needs and the future needs of consumers, as well as how Dossche Mills wants to position itself and market products. On that basis, recommendations can be made, including about our top products. Optimising products by improving the Nutri-Score or digestibility, striving towards cleaner declarations, ... These are all needs that we actively pick up on. For answering these needs, we work in close cooperation with the R&D department.

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Market Intelligence

The Marketing Intelligence specialist proactively monitors all market trends. Our Sales department is there to listen to the "voice of the customer", which we combine with research of our own and outsourced market research to anticipate and alertly respond to market trends with products and services. Proactively developing the products of the future is a source of input for the product managers and for the innovation funnel. Market research is widely supported in the organisation.

Get technical baking advice from our experts

Get the best out of your bakery thanks to the years of experience of our baking technical advisers! They are at your service every day to answer all your questions, whether it is about refining your production process, perfecting specific recipes or solving technical challenges.

Technical baking advice