Food industry

Dossche Mills is specialised in the production and development of physically treated wheat flour and mixes used as cake flour, coating, texturizer, carrier in food.

Dossche Mills is specialised in the production and development of physically-treated wheat flour and mixes used as coating or texturizer in food. We partner up with food companies to optimize taste, texture, shelf-life and profitability of their brand and products.

Our focus is on creating innovative ingredients and solutions. We leverage our scientific knowledge, creative approach and continuous market research to offer ingredients and mixes best suited to the customer's production process and the global customer requirements.

Constant quality

Constancy is the key word for our food industry customers. Quality of raw materials and parameters of the production process are monitored very precisely in our 4 production sites, in order to guarantee a constant quality at any time. On the other hand we’re in the possibility to produce tailored products, the most fitting solution, perfectly geared to the production process and end product of our customers.

Sourcing and product range

Following its many years of milling experience, Dossche Mills has acquired extensive knowledge on the many wheat varieties offered by nature. Each wheat variety has specific properties. These properties are well-known and purchased by our buyers for further processing by our operators and millers into various flour types for specific applications.

In addition to the standard wheat milling method, Dossche Mills offers some specific processing technologies thus adding specific properties to our flour and flour products. This makes it possible for our customers to differentiate themselves with their products.

Think, among other processes, of micro grinding, heating and wind sifting. This way, our products match our customers’ applications which makes it possible for them to distinguish themselves with their product. Think in this respect of flour types with a specific viscosity for the snacking industry and for manufacturers of soups and sauces. Our range also includes special flour varieties for the production of pastry. 

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Most products are specifically developed to suit the customer’s production process. Each Dossche Mills product has its own specific characteristics to optimize the final product.

These products are made from the best grains and other high-grade natural ingredients. The wheat flour is physically modified to ensure it’s ready for various applications. This includes achieving cold-water binding, enhancing the hot thickening effect, improving flow properties and reducing the microbiological contamination.