The values of Dossche Mills

The values of Dossche Mills

Dossche Mills is a family business that has been around for 150 years. The company is ambitious and committed to sustainable growth. But what is it that really makes Dossche Mills special?

About Dossche Mills

Under the motto "Together we get the best out of grain", Dossche Mills has the ambition to become the absolute European market leader by 2030. All employees contribute to this ambition!

An ever-expanding enterprise, Dossche Mills is run by the fourth generation of the family business that has guaranteed high-quality products and offered personal service and tailor-made support for 150 years. Dossche Mills is a warm company of skilled and passionate employees. Every day they work according to the four values on which our family business is built and this enables them to contribute to your success.

The values of Dossche Mills

The values of Dossche Mills


Dare to do business with passion and ambition: that's what drives us. That's how we make the difference.


In everything we do, we show respect for our customers, employees and assets.

Teamwork & involvement

Together we are strong. Committed and highly motivated employees are the pillars of our company.

Integrity & reliability

We promise honest quality and a transparent working method. And we always keep our promises!

Inspiring brand, clear values

Dossche Mills fosters a culture based on a family spirit and inclusion, and attaches great importance to sustainable entrepreneurship. In recent years, Dossche Mills has rolled out a new identity and built up an image as an attractive employer, with a strong and authentic employer brand, both inside and outside the company.

All our employees contribute to the success of our company. We give them the opportunity to use their talents and focus 100% on sustainable growth together with us. Autonomy and entrepreneurial spirit in the workplace have a stimulating effect and this is clearly reflected in the drive, energy and dynamics of our team.

Sustainability and innovation in a company in transformation

Dossche Mills is a company focused on growth and entrepreneurship. We are shifting into higher gear with big ambitions and freeing up the space and resources to make them happen. This is reflected in an innovative sustainability strategy and in our R&D department that focuses on pilot projects and valuable investments, and results in diverse acquisitions.

The sustainability aspect appeals to people and provides a sense of direction and future. It creates internal pride and respect for socially responsible growth. This also makes Dossche Mills an extra attractive employer for the younger generation.

The new initiatives around innovation/R&D act as a challenging trigger with a stimulating and inspiring effect on our employees. We make room for new activities and forms of collaboration. We will continue to diversify our portfolio, potentially encompassing more than grain. People are curious about more background (vision) and concrete initiatives.

Dossche Mills: a family business with tradition and ambition

Dossche Mills is a family business with a long history and a strong vision for the future. This family character and generations of entrepreneurial spirit make Dossche Mills an attractive employer for people who are looking for a stable and sustainable workplace with many opportunities for personal development and growth. At Dossche Mills you feel like a member of the family. You get the opportunity to develop your skills and use your talents. You're encouraged to take initiative and make a difference.

Dossche Mills is a warm a family business

Developing your skills as part of a warm company

At Dossche Mills you get the autonomy to organise your own work and every opportunity to develop your potential. We invest in training, encourage our people to take initiatives and provide the space to actually implement ideas. This combination ensures that you can really make a difference with us. Wherever you are in the organisation, good work never goes unnoticed here.

We also want to make our mark as a company. As a pioneer in sustainable entrepreneurship and innovation, we make clear choices for the long term and take up our responsibility for future generations. This way you become part of a company that is 100% committed to sustainable growth – ambitious and with our heart in the right place.

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