Supply chain traceability

Full traceability from field to baker is guaranteed.

Full traceability from field to baker is guaranteed. This allows us to offer a high quality product at all times with authentic added value.

Constant quality & authentic added value

Traceability is mostly a ground condition in identifying or reducing swiftly any issues. We mostly use it as an instrument to follow up wheat deliveries on a constant basis and to guarantee constant quality in every milling. Simultaneously, it allows us to offer added value to our products by means of authentic wheat species and/or of specific origin.

Traceability from field to baker

From field to baker’ :  a frequently used tagline. But what does it mean to you? How do we guarantee constant quality in each flour bag?

Dossche Mills’ flour bags contain a lot reference number or batch number. This number allows us to identify the wheat out of which the flour was manufactured which we can link to the wheat deliveries.

Every farmer is certified and has a crop information sheet for each field. This sheet mentions details on the harvest date,  fertilizations, any pesticides and even details on earlier crops on the same field.

Upon the wheat’s delivery by the farmer to the grain merchant, the wheat will be stored in silos containing 10,000 to 12,000 tons of wheat in average.  Inflows and outflows are automatically registered allowing for the grain’s traceability up till the farmer.  Also every grain merchant has been certified which enables us to guarantee high level processing.

Upon the wheat’s arrival in our mills, the wheat is registered by means of a unique refence number. In addition, any use of insecticides during the crop and storage needs to registered.

In order to guarantee our flour’s quality, a sample is taken of each delivery for further analysis in our grain lab. The analysis’ results will be the basis for further classification of the grain after which it will be stored in our silos. Continuous follow-up of the wheat enables us guarantee quality at each milling. After preparing the flour mix, each bag will have a label containing a unique lot reference number of batch code. This is how we guarantee full traceably and quality of flour in your business.