We offer you a high-quality and tasty product that is absolutely safe at the same time. After all, all of our raw materials meet the most strict requirements and are extensively tested upon receipt.

Our tasteful products do no only meet the highest quality standards but are also 100% safe. That is because we have taken thorough prevention measures and verifications throughout the production process. By proceeding as such, our quality system meets the highest national and international standards.

Prevention measures and verification

All raw materials meet the highest requirements and are subject to thorough testing upon arrival. Our production lines are equipped with optical sorters, sieves, magnets and metal detectors to reduce to a minimum potential health risks and foreign objects. Simultaneously, our finished products are subject to systematic verification in order to meet our strict quality and safety criteria. For this purpose, we have our own labs collaborating closely with external labs.

Our lorries finally, are equipped with safety sieves to guarantee a product clear of foreign objects or impurities.

Quality system

Our quality system is based on the strictest national and international standards also focusing  on customer expectations in terms of sustainability and health. Discover more on our various certifications and quality certificates here below.

BRC logo
BRC Food

British Retail Consortium Global Standard for Food Safety’, shortly ‘BRC’ is a renown international standard in the domain of food safety and quality in the food industry.

It sets the requirements that quality verification at corporate level needs to comply with in order to guarantee the highest possible product safety and customer satisfaction. As is the case with most (inter)national standards and systems to guarantee quality, food safety is managed in accordance with the HACCP-principles (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) which implies listing of any product danger and the elaboration of prevention measures per listed danger for further avoidance, elimination or reduction up to an acceptable level.

BRC certificate Rotterdam

BRC certificate Merksem

BRC certificate Avelgem

BRC certificate Deinze

Logo Risk Plaza

RiskPlaza represents a database containing details on food safety and potential dangers of raw materials and ingredients. Ground terms for obtaining a RiskPlaza audit+ certificate are the BRC certification and a successful management of all food safety dangers of raw materials identified in the Riskplaza database. Backed by a well managed quality system, the Riskplaza+ certificate was easily obtained.

RiskplazaAudit+ certificate Dossche Mills Belgium

RiskplazaAudit+ certificate Dossche Mills The Netherlands

Logo GMP en FCA
FCA (Feed Chain Alliance) and GMP+ (Good Manufacturing Practices in feed production)

In terms of by-products (animal feed), Dossche Mills has obtained the internationally recognized  FCA certificate (Belgian mills) and the GMP+ certificate (Dutch mill) on the basis of which we guarantee our by-products’ quality.

GMP+ certificate Rotterdam

FCA certificate Merksem

FCA certificate Avelgem

Logo Bio

Apart from securing our products’ safety and quality, Dossche Mills is keen on preserving biodiversity and on reducing the ecological footprint. That is why we offer a range of BIO certified flour and grain references. In this way, the buyer is certain to receive products made of natural ingredients and manufactured without artificial additives.

BIO certificate Dossche Mills Belgium

BIO certificate Dossche Mills France

RSPO (Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil)

Sustainability is important to Dossche Mills. It was hence logical to aim for a RSPO certificate for our raw material palm oil in support of our policy. By purchasing sustainable palm oil, we are both supportive of social needs such as local farmers’ income and of the protection of local wildlife. In addition, we make sure to secure raw materials for the generations to come. A great example on how sustainability is advantageous for all parties concerned.

RSPO certificate

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Logo 100% volkoren
100% Wholegrain quality mark

100% wholegrain’ quality mark identifies wholegrain as referred to in the Dutch ‘Warenwetbesluit’. It allows you to easily recognize wholegrain bread. We distinguish wholegrain bread from other wholegrain articles such as bread replacing products containing other ingredients on top of wholegrain.

100% Wholegrain Rotterdam

100% Wholegrain Merksem

Auto Control System (ACS)

Any company in the food sector is legally required to set up an auto control system (ACS) in accordance with HACCP principles (Hazard Analysis Critical Control Points) to secure safety, quality and traceability of food.

Should the country in which the food company is located have a so-called sector guide or hygiene code, the food company has the possibility to have its observance certified. This is the case for Belgium. As all our production sites have had a BRC certificate for years, an ACS certificate for the Belgian mills of Dossche Mills was easy to obtain.

BRC certificate Merksem

BRC certificate Avelgem