Vary with cereal

March 1, 2020

Vary with cereal

Spelt, rye and oats, for example... Discover together with your customers the unique qualities of these 3 ancient cereals and enjoy this fine, delicious flavour with them.


Wheat is perhaps the most popular cereal. However, there are lots of other cereals that were cultivated much earlier and are becoming increasingly popular nowadays. Such as spelt, rye and oats. Discover the unique qualities of these three ancient cereals together with your customers and enjoy their delicious flavours.

- For bakers

Dossche Mills offers different types of flour and mixes as part of this concept:

> SPELT: 100% spelt flour & wholemeal spelt flour

> RYE: Rye flour T70, Rye flour T170, Artipan Rye, etc.

> OATS: Artipan Havena, Artipan Oat Bran & Artipan Oat flakes

What’s more, we have specially designed three stencils to ensure your bread really stands out on the shelf. Guaranteed success!

- For consumers

Dossche Mills always emphasises correct and honest communication. We also want to support you in communicating with your customers.

What is spelt? What positive properties do oats have? Does rye bread really last longer?

Our experts have put together promotional materials in which your bakery employees and customers will find all the correct information about spelt, rye and oats.

‘Let your customers enjoy the unique & pure taste of these different types of bread.’