It's almost winter again

December 1, 2021

It's almost winter again

It's almost winter again.


It’s almost winter again. Although no one can predict whether the winter will be a harsh one, we’d like to mention a few typical characteristics, focal points and related tips.

Two important focal points:

  • Dough: can become softer, difficult to work and start to sweat

  • Bread: is flatter, has less volume and the crumb is slightly greyer


The flour, which comes from relatively young wheat, is very supple and has not optimally ripened during storage. The colder winter weather results in colder dough and cooler proofing conditions, which delays the proofing.

Gas formation lags behind gas retention. As a result the dough has already lost too much strength by the time there is enough gas to bake it. The dough softens and collapses during baking. This can result in a flatter loaf with water streaks.


The solution lies in restoring the ideal equilibrium: i.e. speed up gas formation and add more strength to the dough.

How do you do that?

  • Work with an active improver (such as Forti Active White)

  • Apply a slightly longer pre-rise

  • Perform an extra fold

  • Bake on time

  • Possibly reduce the amount of water slightly.

How can I speed up gas formation?

  • Aim for a slightly increased dough temperature (26 to 27°C for bread)

  • Add a higher yeast dosage with slightly adjusted proofing conditions

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