Ode to bread

September 1, 2020

Ode to bread

For centuries, bread has occupied a prominent place in our Western food culture.


For centuries, bread has occupied a prominent place in our Western food culture. This is because it is healthy, versatile, easy, nutritious and delicious. Hence the multi-year campaign 'Bread. 'A great story.' which communicates an honest story about bread to consumers.

Ode to bread

You’ve probably heard the latest radio commercial over the past few weeks. The campaign is an initiative of the Belgian and Dutch bakery industry, which Dossche Mills is happy to lend its support to. The campaign - which will last three years - was launched by the bakery industry in March 2018, with an 'ode to bread'. The ode highlights all the wonderful elements that bread possesses. In addition, tasting sessions and sampling will be organised in Belgium and the Netherlands where consumers can experience the taste and story of bread.

Bakers’ connection with the campaign

The campaign is of course also intended to place bakers in the spotlight. Bakers will soon be able to obtain content they can share on social media channels or in their bakeries. There will also be special 'campaign bread bags'. Bakers will be duly informed about all this.

What's left on the shelf?

In the coming months, the campaign will turn its attention to consumers as well as science and food professionals. This will include active communication via social media such as Facebook and additions to the website, including background articles, recipes and stories about bread. This part of the campaign focuses on the great story behind bread. At various locations in Belgium and the Netherlands, consumers can also experience the taste and versatility of bread during tasting sessions.

All the information about the campaign can be found on www.broodeengoedverhaal.be (Belgium) and www.brood.net (the Netherlands).