Libre process improver

Work Smarter - Not Harder

Libre is a unique and broadly usable process improver that allows you to make large dough batches, store the dough longer and shift the workload to the beginning of the week and from night to day. You use Libre to optimise the production process making it efficient and flexible. This then allows you to use your staff more efficiently.

Viva Libre - win your life back

Reduce night work

Introducing Libre will perfect production techniques, such as frozen dough, two-stage baking, proofing and afternoon baking. This allows the baker to bake more efficiently and at more appealing times without compromising on traditional quality.

Progressive process improver

Libre consists entirely of natural grain components with unique functionality. These are specially selected milling streams from wheat and rye that are treated using modern techniques. This means that Libre provides optimal moisture management in both the dough and final product. This guarantees a higher process tolerance and ensures that bread stays fresher for longer

Deferred baking processes

Frozen dough
1. Frozen dough

Frozen dough makes it possible to create larger dough batches  and store stock. This increases efficiency, creates peace of mind and, when applied correctly, ensures a constant, high quality-level with minimal chance of errors. Introducing Libre provides you with full control over the volume of the bread.

2. Two-stage baking

In the separate two-phase system, the second baking phase occurs later. This allows you to optimise the production process and better respond to the customer’s desired freshness moment. Libre guarantees crispness, attractive crust colour and minimal shrinkage during baking in the second baking phase.

Two-stage baking
3. Retarding

Retarding makes it possible to produce more flexibly at other times of the day. Retarding is a complex and sensitive process, especially when spanning weekends. Libre stabilises the dough or gluten network, thus improving the process tolerance and creating a high-quality and homogeneous final product.

4. Afternoon baking

Afternoon baking is an alternative when you have insufficient freezer capacity (or a proofing cabinet is not available). It is also a suitable method for specific products, such as filled bread products or other products with a low production frequency. Libre maintains the seasoning properties much longer than traditional bread improvers, which keeps the bread fresher for longer. By baking part of your assortment in the afternoon and key bread types at different times, daily cash-making favourites can also be sold ‘oven-fresh’ later in the day.

Afternoon baking

Advantages of Libre

Quality and customer friendliness are paramount in your bakery. We understand that. With Libre, you deliver on your promise while working efficiently and saving costs. Add this process improver to your raw materials and experience the benefits for yourself.

  • Better working hours (reduced night production)
  • Larger dough batches in one go for lower costs
  • More efficient use of people and resources
  • Fresh bread several times a day for your customer without any extra effort
  • Improved crumb structure and prolonged bread freshness
  • More time and space as a baker to do business and enjoy life

Our baking technology advisers are happy to help work you discover the possibilities and prepare for this transition.

Contact your account manager for more information.

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