Harvest information 2023

Sept. 29, 2023

New harvest information Sept. 29, 2023

Currently, the share of the new harvest is already at an advanced stage for most products (see chart below).

As mentioned earlier, we have noticed a slight decrease in water absorption (0.5-1%). Moreover, it is noticeable that doughs are smoother, which may mean shorter (final) kneading times.

Another notable aspect is that we are increasingly receiving wheat lots whose drop number is below 300 seconds, due to rain interruptions during harvest. In products where we use an active malt dosage, we will reduce this dosage if necessary. However, for the wheat varieties with a desired high viscosity, we expect sufficient availability of wheat with a high drop number.

Below is Dossche Mills’ planned harvest transition schedule for standard wheat flour and wheat flour varieties. As well as the planning for special types, such as rye flour and biscuit flour.

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