Great examples of storytelling by bakers...

September 6, 2020

Great examples of storytelling by bakers

To conclude our series on storytelling, we highlight some inspiring cases from fellow bakers.

To conclude our series on storytelling, we highlight some inspiring cases from fellow bakers. We wish you boundless inspiration and lots of success with your own stories!

Saint Nicholas visits Bakery Lebleu

Gault & Millau has voted Bakery Lebleu in Berchem, Belgium, one of the best pastry chefs in Belgium. They clearly communicate their efforts to offer their customers the very best 'every single day' in the bakery and on their social media. St Nicholas is a celebration that all bakers get involved in. At Bakery Lebleu, they incorporated the techniques of storytelling in this event. Customers will get to see the traditional production of speculaas, can admire images of a beautifully decorated bakery and be enchanted by irresistible cakes in the theme of Saint Nicholas. All to convince you to visit the bakery. That's what it's all about for bakers! Use the online opportunities and entice your customers to pop in to your bakery.

Bakery Cafe Kottier's Mother's Day cakes

Bakery Cafe Kottier has three branches in Breda (the Netherlands). Harold Kottier's bakery stands by its core values: quality, personality, service and diversity. You’ll find these core values on the bakery's website and in the personal approach on its Facebook page.

A lot of bakers organise a colouring competition for children. But at Bakery Cafe Kottier, the campaign had an extra personal dimension. He invited dads to include their son or daughter's childhood drawings on Mother's Day cakes. An incredibly thoughtful surprise to melt every mother’s heart. The campaign is typical of the bakery's extra service and personal approach.

The traditional preparation methods of Brood en Banket Cloet

Brood en Banket Cloet in Sint Michiels (Belgium) is a traditional bakery where they consciously share traditional knowledge with their customers. Switched-on bakers can use social media as an effective tool to differentiate themselves from their less communicative colleagues. Before the emergence of the Internet, the bakery was the only place you could show customers. A peek behind the scenes of the bakery happened sporadically during an open day. Now customers can fully enjoy the traditional expertise of artisan bakers.

Traditional preparations are shared in short videos on the Brood en Banket Cloet Facebook page. Customers can discover their baker’s craftsmanship through fun videos. Check out the chocolate processing, speculaas, marzipan and pralines.

The staff at Lex Brakenhoff

Lex Brakenhoff is a bakery that has been operating in Assendelft, the Netherlands, since 1947. The bakery's logo incorporates the terms 'pure', 'passion' & 'pride'. These values mean little if your customers don’t experience them in the bakery. There are no better ambassadors for your values than your employees.

The ladies that work at Lex Brakenhoff look amazing in their creative outfits, and always provide service with a smile. During special celebratory holidays, they put their best foot forward to convey the bakery’s passion. Check out their fun dressing-up party during Immer Gerade Aus (pub crawl), the creative products and big smiles during Gay Pride, etc.

The social baker iambe

Working on a traditional and meaningful product is an essential part of the company culture at iambe, but it’s not the only one. At this organic bakery, with two shops in the centre of Amsterdam (the Netherlands), the products are prepared by people with intellectual disabilities. All under the guidance of professional bakers.

What makes them so special is their use of natural materials and organic ingredients combined with an atmospheric environment providing meaningful work. Bread made with love for the product and care for the people behind it. This one-minute video says it all!

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