Campaign supported by Europe ‘Bread. A good story.’

Lets consumers enjoy bread once again. 

Bread has had a prominent place in our Western food culture for centuries. The importance of bread in our lives is due to the fact that it is healthy, versatile, easy, nutritious and tasty. Hence the multi-annual campaign ‘Bread. A good story.’ to tell an honest story about bread to consumers.

An ode to bread

You have undoubtedly (repeatedly) heard the radio ad during the past few weeks. The campaign is an initiative of the Belgian and Dutch bakery industry and Dossche Mills is more than happy to support it. This campaign - which will run for three years - was kicked off by the bakery sector with ‘an ode to bread’ in March 2018. The ode highlights all of bread’s wonderful elements. Apart from that, tasting sessions and samplings, during which consumers can experience the taste and the story of bread, will be organised in Belgium & the Netherlands.

Bakers can connect to the campaign

Obviously, this campaign is also meant to generate extra attention for the bakers. In the near future, the bakers will be able to receive content that can be shared via social media or in their store. On top of that, special ‘campaign bread bags’ will be made available. Bakers will be notified of this in due time.

What else is in the pipeline?

In the coming months, the campaign will continue to expand, targeting not only consumers but also scientists and nutritional experts. There will be plenty of communication via social media such as Facebook and the website will provide background articles, recipes and stories about bread. This part of the campaign will focus heavily on the good story behind bread. Consumers will also be able to experience the flavour and versatility of bread at various locations in Belgium and the Netherlands during tasting sessions.

All information about the campaign can be found on (Belgium) and (Netherlands)

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