Bread, a wholesome story

September 12, 2022

Bread, a wholesome story

Bread, a wholesome story. With wheat from Europa.. In September, the NBC launched the ‘Brood, goed verhaal’ image campaign on behalf of the Dutch and Belgian bakery sector.

Brood, goed verhaal. Met graan uit Europa

In September, the NBC launched the ‘Brood, goed verhaal’ image campaign on behalf of the Dutch and Belgian bakery sector. The campaign is promoted on television, social media, online video and in print. Bread does not always get the attention it deserves and there are many misconceptions about bread.

Increasing awareness of how nutritious bread is

In 2022, bread still does not have the reputation of being a healthy and sustainable product and is not sufficiently associated with a lifestyle trend. Many people still incorrectly think, for example, that carbohydrates (in bread) are bad or that bread makes you fat. While, in fact, bread is very nutritious, is bursting with protein very nutritious, is bursting with protein, is plant-based, produced close by and ideal to enjoy whenever you want.

These days, consumers know much more about food, are often more health conscious and aware of where their food comes from. The campaign responds to this by explaining the good qualities of bread as a healthy, fresh and versatile product and showing that bread is an ideal part of a healthy lifestyle.

Since 1 September, the video 'Success story - about the grain that's so good, husk and all' has been screened and in November, the themes ‘Misconception, let’s talk about the facts' and 'Impressive story, the superpowers of bread' will be the campaign’s focus.

The baker as ambassador

Bakers can spread these stories through their own networks to inform customers all about the goodness of bread. More information about the campaign can be found here.

Building the image of bread together

The bread campaign is implemented by the Netherlands Bakery Centre (responsible for the coordination) and the Instituut Brood & Gezondheid, on behalf of the Netherlands Bakery Association (NVB), the Stichting Ambachtelijke Bakkerij (SAB) and the Association of Dutch Manufacturers of Bakery Raw Materials (NEBAFA), Federation of Large Bakeries of Belgium (FGBB), the Royal Association of Belgium Millers (KVBM-ARMB), Federation of Belgian Suppliers and the Regional Association of Artisan Bakers under the Belgian Confederation BBCI.