Bakery trends

October 14, 2021

Bakery trends

A major impact of Covid-19 is that consumers have become more health conscious.


We also see new trends emerging in 2021. The bakery sector is no exception. Curious about the effect of these trends? Let us introduce you to this year's topics: health, sustainability, enjoyment and digitisation.


A major impact of Covid-19 is that consumers have become more health conscious. On the one hand, people are exercising more and taking part in more sports, and on the other, they are opting for a healthy and varied diet.

How can bakers capitalise on this trend? The image of bread as an important part of your diet is once again on the rise. In the process, the popularity of wholemeal bread has soared, and for good reason. The amount of fibre and the combination of vitamins and minerals have a beneficial effect on our health.

100% Wholemeal responds to the demand for a healthy or healthier lifestyle. With the wholemeal varieties of Dossche Mills, you obtain a superior, firm coarse wholemeal bread with great baking and crumb structure. Traditional bakers can obtain a promotional package with the purchase of one or more wholemeal varieties. The package includes specially designed bread bags, wafers and an inspiring recipe bundle.


We cannot deny that there is growing awareness of the climate issue. Accordingly, sustainability is perhaps the most important theme of all the trends and is also a priority at Dossche Mills. Together we need to reduce our impact on the environment and the bakery sector can also do its bit.

A small step towards a sustainable world starts with buying local. Local quality is gaining popularity, and rightly so! Consumers trust local products and this supports the local economy at the same time.


In this uncertain and difficult period of Covid-19, consumers are consciously looking for a distraction in small, everyday things. And who doesn't love a delicious, freshly-baked crusty loaf or an irresistible cake or tart with creme patissiere? Great taste and texture: enjoyment is the name of the game when it comes to the bakery sector! Products freshly made every day from high-quality raw materials and masterfully processed to create an irresistible result. They’re sure to be hugely popular.

So get a head start in your workshop and let your customers enjoy the Star Wienercake mix. An easy-to-use and ready-made mix that you only need to add oil and eggs to. Star Wienercake is highly suited as a sheet cake, but can also be used for other applications such as muffins. Its firm texture and full flavour create a real taste explosion, especially after adding yellow cream, fruit or other filling.


Online ordering platforms and home deliveries have increased significantly over the past year. Consumers have realised the benefits in terms of ease of use, easy availability and security. Digitisation is taking place in almost all sectors, including the bakery sector.

On the brand new Dossche Mills website, customers have access to the ‘My Dossche Mills’ platform. You can use the platform, for example, to access an extensive overview of our range, download technical data sheets, consult all the recipes and even save your favourites.

The major role social media plays today in terms of communication is undeniable. It is a source of information so you can stay up to date with what is going on in the sector. On our Facebook page you will find inspiration, tips & tricks and see new products featured for the first time. Lastly, you will be kept informed of various campaigns and can enter competitions.