A word from Kristof Dossche

September 1, 2020

A word from Kristof Dossche

Dossche Mills’ focus is also on ensuring consistent quality and offering added value to customers in the future.


A word from Kristof Dossche "Our mission is to be a reliable partner for our customers, through the generations!" Dossche Mills’ focus is also on ensuring consistent quality and offering added value to customers in the future.

Important choices are currently being made with this in mind. These choices are not always the easiest option but it is the only way we can ensure our consistent quality. Therefore, we hope we can count on your understanding with regard to the changes the company is going through during the transition phase that may affect you, the customer.

Following the acquisition, the company had six production sites. One major change on the horizon is the closure of the Deinze production site in June 2019. The municipality did not reissue the permit for our production activities to continue in the city centre. Efforts to relocate production are underway and are no mean feat. Production will be relocated to Merksem, Avelgem and Rotterdam by the summer of this year.

Kristof Dossche in autumn 2018, production moved from Renesse to Rotterdam. In Renesse too, the future of the site was in jeopardy and relocation was necessary. In addition to the closures, there is also good news. A new bagged goods warehouse is being built at the mill in Merksem, incorporating the latest technology. Investments are being made in both mills in Rotterdam and Merksem so we can continue to ensure consistent product quality and fast delivery.

'Craftsmanship with a heart' is still our slogan and it applies to all company employees and also to me as CEO, Kristof Dossche explains. Our family-run business has been around since 1875, and many customers have been with us for generations. The company has undergone many changes over the years and there will be more to come. Changes are necessary to ensure the survival of our company but more importantly to be a reliable partner for you, the customer. You can continue to expect, for example, not only consistent quality but personal service too.

All Dossche Mills customers can count on a total service package. Our strength lies in our craftsmen, their passion for the job and the way they pass on their knowledge and craftsmanship to our customers.

We work together as one team with one goal: to be there for you as a baker, day in, day out, offering you the best products and guaranteeing your bakery is profitable. You decide how we can assist you in terms of baking technology support, interactive Dossche Mills academies with various themes, standard quality checks, our inspirational online platform and customised business coaching.