Textured Wheat Proteins

Equals the natural bite and texture of meat in plant-based products

The development of this new product category is aligned with the company’s CSR strategy, which focusses on sustainable sourcing, CO2 reduction and good health & wellbeing.

From this sustainability point of view, Dossche Mills is taking its responsibility in the current protein shift. Since animal production is responsible for a significant share of greenhouse gas emissions, the trend of a flexitarian diet is growing.

Consumer insights demonstrate that approximately 1/3rd of European consumers confirm they don’t eat meat at least once a week. With our new Textured Wheat Proteins we offer an answer to the increasing demand for tasty, affordable and accessible plant-based products.


  • Meat-like texture due to fiber formation
  • Neutral taste and odor
  • Good water absorption and water holding capacity
  • Variety of formats suitable for different applications
  • Easy processing and long shelf-life
  • Matches perfectly with other vegetable protein sources
Exceptional wheat proteins

The unique elongated structure of wheat protein allows it to form a viscoelastic 3D network (e.g., during the kneading of a bread dough). Under specific process conditions, these properties lead to the alignment of proteins to form fibers. These fibers are very similar to those of meat, giving the desired texture to plant-based meat substitutes. Proteins sourced from wheat form fibers more easily than proteins derived from soy or pea protein.

Textured Wheat Proteins: the perfect base for plant-based meat substitutes

Due to good water absorption, a short hydration step is sufficient to prepare and use textured wheat proteins in plant-based meat substitutes. A long shelf life and short hydration period provides the flexibility to use this product in the production process when needed. Furthermore, the product’s neutral taste and odor is an extra asset limiting the use of masking flavours.

Product range

Dossche Mills, specialized in the production and development of heat-treated wheat flour and functional mixes, has broadened its knowledge in wheat processing. The newest ‘Textured Wheat Proteins’ are a plant-based protein solution, that mimics the bite and texture of meat. The product range will include chunks, flakes and minced meat analogues which form the basis for various applications including nuggets, burgers and goulash.

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Dossche Mills specializes in the production and development of physically treated wheat flour and mixes and has strengthened her focus on innovative flour products dedicated for the food industry .
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