Flinn Texture

Dossche Mills offers a wide range of products that are used as texturizers or binders for the production of sauces, ragout, soups, prepared meals, meat, plant-based and bakery products.

Flinn stands for Flour Innovations. And this is exactly what we do; developing innovative solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.


Flinn Texture

During the production of prepared meals such as sauces, soups and lasagnes, thickeners are essential. A mix based on heat-treated wheat flour can be used to achieve the desired final viscosity and the correct mouthfeel. The Flinn Texture range includes both pure flours and mixes.


  • Increased hot and cold thickening compared to untreated wheat flour.
  • Consistent hot and cold thickening
  • Competitive price compared to other thickeners (hydrocolloids, modified starches, etc.).
  • More favourable microbiological values compared to native wheat flour.
  • Clean Label is possible.

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