Flinn Bake

Dossche Mills selects specific wheat varieties and then subjects them to a specific milling process, air classification and heat treatment step.

Flinn stands for Flour Innovations. And this is exactly what we do; developing innovative solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.


Flinn Bake

The perfect result for a cake, sponge cake, Swiss roll, muffin, brownie, etc. starts with the selection of the right flour. Our varieties in this range exhibit low protein content due to processes like air classification and/or heat treatment. They optimise the volume, firmness, tenderness, carrying capacity and fineness of the cake product.


  • Low protein content avoids the formation of lumps during the batter phase, resulting in a light, stable and tolerant batter during the baking process
  • The heat treatment also favours the physicochemical properties of the proteins, giving them a more emulsifying effect. This also contributes to the stability and fine structure of the batter and the final product
  • Improved gas holding capacity, resulting in increased volume
  • Fast water absorption due to fine particle size distribution, resulting in a tender and juicy crumb
  • Fast gelatinisation of the starch, resulting in a firm, resilient crumb with increased carrying capacity for the use of fruit fillings, among other things
  • Better composition of network: ensures a fine, even structure
  • Clean Label

Here you find the applications that you can make with Flinn Bake. 

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