Flour Innovations

Flinn stands for 'Flour Innovations'. 

Flinn stands for Flour Innovations. And this is exactly what we do; developing innovative solutions tailored to the customer’s needs.


Dossche Mills is specialised in the production and development of physically treated wheat flour and mixes used as cake flour, coating, texturizer or carrier in food. We partner up with food companies to optimize taste, texture, shelf-life and profitability of their brand and products.

Our focus is on creating innovative ingredients and compositions. We leverage our scientific knowledge, creative approach and continuous market research to offer ingredients and mixes best suited to the customer's production process and the global customer requirements.

The range consists out of four product categories depending on the application:

  • Flinn Bake: Flour types specifically developed for applications such as cake, sponge, swiss roll, muffin,etc. More info »
  • Flinn CoatingBatters are an essential part of the production of multiple food products such as coated meat, fish, cheese, potatoes, vegetable and plant-based products. More info »
  • Flinn Texture: Various thickeners, including hydrocolloids and modified starches, are used in the production of ready meals, sauces, soups and lasagnas.          More info »
  • Flinn Carrier: Carriers are commonly used in the food and feed industry to dilute concentrates and protect sensitive, expensive ingredients. More info »

Most products are specifically developed to suit the customer’s production process. Each Dossche Mills product has its own specific characteristics to optimise the final product.

These products are made from the best grains and other high-grade natural ingredients. The wheat flour is physically modified to ensure it’s ready for various applications. This includes achieving cold-water binding, enhancing the hot thickening effect, improving flow properties and reducing the microbiological contamination.