Experience the next level of crispiness

Meet the newest member of Dossche Mills’ coating portfolio:
Flinn Crumbs offer a full and customized coating solution for meat, fish, potato, and plant-based food products.

Flinn Crumbs offer a full and customized coating solution for meat, fish, potato, and plant-based food products.

Consuming snacks as a meal replacement is on the rise. Nevertheless, today’s consumers are increasingly and consciously opting for healthy and sustainable products. Consumer insights have shown that taste and flavour are the most important reasons for consumers in the decision-making process. For breaded products a perfect texture of the coating and the crumb is therefore extremely important.


  • Unique crispy bite
  • Neutral taste
  • Authentic look
  • Suitable for oven and airfryer products
  • Maintains crispiness during frozen storage
  • Retains crispiness while keeping warm
  • Reduces food waste
  • Colour stable

Ensuring crispiness at all times

Flinn Crumbs are a high-quality alternative to classic breadcrumbs for oven-baked products. The main ingredient is also wheat flour. Thanks to a thermo-mechanical treatment and a balanced recipe Flinn Crumbs are more crispy and have a lower bulk density. This unique crispiness is related to a higher porosity and hardness.

Thanks to the neutral taste and authentic look, Flinn Crumbs are suitable for breaded meat, fish, potato, and plant-based products. Flinn Crumbs are available in 6 colours and 2 granulations (Fine & Coarse). The colour remains stable when baked in the oven or airfryer.

The unique texture is preserved during storage of the breaded product in the freezer and in a warming drawer after preparation. Ensuring crispiness at all times.

Full coating concept tailored to your needs

By adding Flinn Crumbs to our coating range, it is possible to offer a customized coating concept. During the development process, the substrate (e.g., ragout, meat, fish), the crust thickness, the production process and the preparation by the end consumer are taken into account. With our Flinn Texture range we can also provide optimal binding to fillings such as ragout.

For oven and airfryer applications, we recommend combining Flinn Crumbs with Flinn Batter Oven. The batter will form a strong closed coating during pre-frying while Flinn Crumbs add an extra crispy layer to your product. In addition, this functional coating ensures stable quality during storage in a warming drawer.

Firmness retained during storage

Deep-fried ragout croquettes were coated with a standard batter and classic breadcrumbs (yellow line). While storing them in a warming drawer at 80 °C, the coating loses its firmness and gets soggy. Sensory tests also indicated a loss of crispiness over time.

In contrast, oven-baked ragout croquettes coated with Batter Oven and Flinn Crumbs (green line) clearly stay firm during storage in a warming drawer at 80 °C. Sensory tests indicated that crispiness was retained over time.

Available in 6 colours, from left to right: Natural, brown, golden brown, orange, yellow, white.

Available in 2 granulations:

  • Fine (0.7mm – 1.6mm)
  • Coarse (1.6mm – 2.8mm).