The organisation

Dossche Mills is part of the family business Dossche Group.

With 700 employees spread over three business units, Dossche Group is an international player in the food industry.


The Group is characterised by the offering of constant quality, personal service and long-term relationships.

In terms of volume, the milling activities of Dossche Mills represent the main part of the Dossche Group. The company is generally recognized for its extensive product and process knowledge on the basis of which high quality flour products are offered at a constant basis. This includes batter and binding agents. Quality is key to its success. The company distinguishes itself in terms of its expertise in flour formulations, its know-how of the wheat market and its network. Its product range in this business segment consists of wheat flour, pastry mixes and luxury dough. Its unique position in the milling sector allows Dossche Mills to profile itself as an all-in-one supplier of ingredients for both local and industrial bakeries.

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Viennoiserie, Danish and Puff pastry products are produced and commercialized by Gourmand Pastries and supplied to local and industrial bakeries, supermarkets and foodservice customers. The company offers a vast product range from ready-to-bake to ready-to-proof products among which categories such as Danish pastries and viennoiserie (croissants,…). Gourmand distinguishes itself by offering added value products.

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Mexma supplies tortilla wraps to retailers and food service companies.

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