Dossche Mills Academy

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Dossche Mills Academy         

New trends and tastes come thick and fast in your industry. You can stay up to speed in our Dossche Mills Academy. In our test bakery we organise workshops and work around specific topics or public holidays. Next to technical product trainings, we also offer a series of sales-boosting trainings.

Individual coaching and training

Our test bakers and engineers are here to help you. Every baker is welcome to visit our test bakeries in order to allow us to help you find the solutions you are looking for. If this does not suffice, our test baker will come to your bakery in order to solve the problem. We will provide on-site coaching and together ensure the best and most delicious end result.


We regularly give demonstrations in our test bakeries to which our customers are invited.  We often work around a specific theme or a particular holiday such as Easter or Christmas. Our Epistar demonstrations, the Dossche Mills French quality concept, are supported by renowned French baker Patrick Castagna.