Product is one of the important pillars of sustainable entrepreneurship in addition to the planet and people.

High-quality and durable materials

Dossche Mills uses only the finest wheat and other quality raw materials. We want to supply bakery products with impeccable quality, which meet the highest standards. Hence our advanced quality policy. Incoming products are tested thoroughly for possible impurities and foreign materials. Outgoing products are screened by the same rigorous procedure. And successfully. In this way we have obtained quality certificates from independent organisations such as BRC, HACCP, ISO 22000 and GMP. It recognizes and guarantees the high quality and optimum food safety of our products.

We also obtained the RSPO certification. So customers know that, in products containing palm oil, we only use palm oil that is produced sustainably. Finally we take every possible precaution to protect our customers against allergens and inform them about them. We organise the production sequence accordingly, rinse the equipment after the production of allergen-containing products and provide training on labelling for bakers and customers. In short, we are constantly ensuring that our products, when ultimately delivered at the bakery, will result in an equally high-quality end product.

Partnerships with suppliers

Dossche Mills maintains close relationships with its suppliers. We want to work with local partners who share our vision for a sustainable future. In addition, we give preference to suppliers that join us in pro-actively searching for potential innovations and more effective collaboration.