Planet is one of the important pillars of sustainable entrepreneurship, next to product and people.

Energy optimisation

Dossche Mills endorses the Flanders Audit Covenant. We want to use energy wisely. So we examine how we can make our processes as efficient as possible and we strive in all of our sites to the integration of energy efficient processes. With success. Through various action plans and the use of the best available technology, we have managed since 2006 to reduce our energy consumption considerably.

Environmentally friendly production

We strive for a rationalised production process in all our locations. We want to develop processes that reduce the environmental impact of our activities to a minimum. Next to focusing on energy efficiency, optimised mobility and reduced dust emissions we also strive for optimal use of raw materials. The latter is done by installing powerful, innovative equipment. To the satisfaction of our employees and neighbours. We strive towards rationalised production processes in all our plants.

Furthermore, we make every effort to avoid product losses and packaging material wastein line with the Flanders Materials Decree. By-products are almost completely recovered. And thanks to continued digitisation of invoicing and purchase processes we have managed to reduce paper consumption significantly. Acting in an environmentally conscious way manifests itself at all levels in our company.

Efficient mobility

Mobility is another important pillar of our sustainability strategy. We want to streamline all incoming and outgoing transport movements as well as the transport of our own employees. To this end, we evaluate our logistics network continuously. In recent years we increasingly choose to supply wheat by ship. This has resulted in a considerable reduction of supply by truck, which has had a positive impact on CO2 emissions. In grams of CO2/tonne/km the average CO2 emissions of a ship are only 1/3 of the emissions from road transport. To improve the emissions of our truck fleet we are purchasing trucks that meet the Euro 6 emission standard. In addition, we analyse from which location we can best deliver to the customer.

Employee transport is optimised via various initiatives such as car pooling and the use of blue bikes for employees who opt for public transport. Finally, in the car policy of Dossche Mills we have resolutely opted for commercial vehicles with low CO2 emissions.