People are one of the important pillars of sustainable business, in addition to the planet and product.

Happy employees

Dossche Mills is like one big family. We want all our employees to feel good at work. Creating a safe and healthy working environment is our first concern (e.g. dust-free production spaces, natural light in the office, a clear safety plan ...). Working on a human scale in a horizontal business structure is another focus. We strive to maintain a work-life balance by adopting flexible working hours. Employees enjoy every opportunity to grow in their job. We offer a wide range of training and new employees are personally supervised via a “godfather” and “godmother” so they can feel at home fast. That family and team spirit is fostered by bringing our people together: during lunch or after work for an after-work activity or a staff party. 

Connected to the company

Sustainability is not limited to the workplace. We want to have a positive impact on the community. As such we partake in actions to reduce noise and dust pollution from truck traffic. And we encourage our employees to be actively involved and also raise awareness with our suppliers. We also maintain a constructive dialogue with the residents around our sites and look for areas where further improvements can be made. Our social responsibility, however, transcends our own neighbourhood. Therefore we invest actively in and contribute to projects that promote a healthy lifestyle among all consumers. And we sponsor charities that take to heart the health of all. We are connected to society on different levels and contribute our bit to a warm and liveable society.