Healthy New Year’s resolutions for 2022

January 12, 2022

Healthy New Year’s resolutions for 2022

The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in consumers being more aware of their health and immunity.


The Covid-19 crisis has resulted in consumers being more aware of their health and immunity. They wonder about the effect of their dietary habits, physical activity and digital dependency.

Consumers are also paying more attention to the ingredients in products. People are looking for real authentic products with fewer ingredients specified in a simple list. There is no legislative framework for claims such as natural, sustainable, local, etc.
Do you use these kinds of claims? If so, make sure your slogans are not hollow.

  • Example: Do you use local products? Specify the name of the farmer, grower, nursery, etc. you work with!
    > This week only - try our apple dumplings made using fresh Jonagold apples from our neighbours at xxx fruit farm

  • Example: Communicate about bread that doesn’t contain any E numbers or that has a clean label.
    > Artipan Fibre Max is a high fibre multigrain mix that is perfectly consistent with a balanced diet. Combine it with superfoods such as cranberries or nuts.

In the consumer’s view, health and sustainability go hand in hand. They wonder whether the pandemic was the result of damage humans have caused to the planet. They are seeking a more sustainable lifestyle and are modifying their diet due to their increasing concern about the environment. Consequently, the demand for plant-based food is growing rapidly.

Include the sustainability factor in breakfast and the lunch box. With Belgica, bread made from 100% Belgian wheat, you can enjoy a high-quality, home-grown product and contribute to a reduced ecological footprint.

It is crucial that the food industry provides accurate information on the relationship between nutrition and health. Inform your customers about the health claims that apply and stick to the facts.

Ask for our consumer flyers for e.g. the Artipan and Artipur products. Inform your customers and use this communication method to introduce them to new products.

Brand loyalty is declining. Now, more than ever, is the time to win over new consumers. Consumers are increasingly focusing on the origin of products too. They prefer local products with short production chains. Give local products a prominent place in your bakery and emphasise that you are 'the baker around the corner' when communicating with your customers!

Build a relationship by communicating with them. It all starts before people even enter your bakery: hang a welcome sign at the front door to welcome your customers. Connect your customers to your business: get them to follow you on social media. You can use Instagram, Facebook and your website to inform them, make their mouths water at your irresistible creations and give them a look behind the scenes. Reveal something behind the scenes and your customers will feel like they really know you.