Bakers on a mission

July 6, 2022

Bakers on a mission

Bakers on a mission, an investment in your future.

Bakers on a mission, an investment in your future

At Dossche Mills, we know traditional bakers are under pressure. That’s why we are launching an intensive, practice-oriented quality programme: Bakers on a Mission.

Together we will spend ten weeks with the best coaches in various fields, to help give your company a boost and take it to the next level.

Bakers on a Mission: a tailor-made learning programme

Consisting of a unique combination of instructive sessions, a specific masterclass and a professional and independent quality inspection of your basic products, we develop a tailor-made action plan for your company with a focus on quality. Naturally based on your strengths and specialities.

Using six well-defined themes, you will quickly gain a better understanding of the many aspects of your bakery.

1. Online presence
There will be an in-depth look at your business and you will receive personalised recommendations.

2. Product quality
A product inspection and customer survey will provide you with the right insights. Our test baker is always at your disposal for help with any final touches.

3. Composition of the range
A workshop offers you insight into your range: is there anything missing or do you need to make any choices?

4. Inspiration and trends
We inform you about the latest consumer trends that may be of interest to you.

5. Store experience and design
During the academy, a professional store coach will explain how you can adopt a customer-oriented approach.

6. Pricing finished products
With our user-friendly tool, we put you on the right track to easily work out your cost prices, margins and sales prices.

Bakers on a Mission: a community

You don't embark on this journey alone; in addition to our coaches, during the academy you will also meet a number of your peers. Taking the leap into the future together makes everything a little bit easier. We believe in the power of community, it will inspire you and fuel your entrepreneurial spirit.

With Bakers on a Mission, we guarantee you a learning experience that will make a difference at both an organisational and personal level.

Bakers on a Mission: tell me more

Ready to step up your activities as a traditional baker? To become a Baker on a Mission?

Go to and take the test. We also like to hear from you in person of course, so call your Dossche Mills representative who will be happy to explain all the details of the programme to you.

Bakers on a mission

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