Corporate sustainability

Corporate sustainability is very important to Dossche Mills. 

Dossche Mills & Sustainability: a natural combination

As a company with a family character Dossche Mills attaches much importance to continuity. Hence, sustainable development is a natural choice for us. Each generation meets its own needs, but at the same time cares for the next generation. Corporate sustainability is therefore a long-term vision encompassing multiple generations. It is an investment in the future of our company, our employees, our environment and our stakeholders. This aim to provide for a constant added value to everyone is part of our nature.

For Dossche Mills, the planet, the products and the people within sustainable business are important pillars.

We have something going with nature. Wheat comes straight from the field and is processed in an environmentally friendly manner to a high-quality end product. Respect for our planet is ingrained in us.

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We produce daily bread flour for the consumption needs of more than 4 million families. This makes us bear an important responsibility. Consequently, as a food company, we are raising the bar on quality and food safety very high.

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To make people satisfied – that's our aim. Our employees and stakeholders, the people living near our sites, as well as end consumers can rest assured that we run our business responsibly, with attention to their welfare.

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